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DIY oil change and what you should consider

DIY oil change, consider what’s best for your vehicle such as oil type, drive frequency, climate, vehicle storage and fuel dilution. By Loaded 4X4

All you need to know for choosing the right vehicle

Compare the specifications on every ute, van, light truck and people mover currently available, to ensure that you select the correct vehicle for your requirements. By Delivery Magazine

Choosing the correct solar panels to suit your needs

What to consider when choosing the right solar charging for your 12 volt panels, the pros and cons of the 2 different types of solar panels, whether to mount or use portable panels and recommendations for positioning to maximise efficiency. By Loaded 4X4

Choosing the right shocks for your vehicle

If you’re planning to modify your 4WDs suspension this article will help you decide whether mono-tube or twin-tube shocks are right for your vehicle, comparing the pros and cons of both. By Loaded 4X4

Tuning your 4WD for the best performance

Things to consider when tuning your 4X4 for better performance, such as cost, whether your 4WD has a dyno, effects on power, choosing the right person for the job and and post tuning support if something goes wrong. By Loaded 4X4

Choosing the correct tyre pressure for the job

Tyre pressure is one of the most important tools for driving, adjusting pressure for driving and surface requirements impact safety, ease and traction. By Loaded 4X4

The important towing acronyms and what you need to know

Weight specifications and capabilities of your vehicle, Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM), Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM), Gross Combination Mass (GCM) and Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) compliance. By Loaded 4X4

What you need to know about 12 volt installations

Things to consider for 12 volt installations, such as choosing correct wire size, how to avoid voltage drop, fuse and earth size, crimping versus soldering and battery size and type. By Loaded 4X4

Tips and tricks for your DIY suspension fitment

DIY suspension fitment tips and tricks, what you need in your suspension kit, preparation, front and rear fitment instructions on the ground or on a hoist. By Loaded 4X4