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LoadMax® Universal Roof Rack Support System

Engineered with universal fitment in mind, LoadMax® is an internal roof rack support system designed to maximise the load capacity of your utility vehicles canopy or cap safely and securely. Tested and rated to meet the International Standard ISO 11154 & the Australian Standard AS/NZS 1235, LoadMax® suits most utility vehicles, caps, canopies and roof rack combinations.

Each LoadMax® kit consists of four Heavy-Duty Uprights that attach to the vehicle tub body and project to the underside of the canopy or cap roofline to provide additional roof support. These powder coated steel supports feature multiple bends to ensure a form fitting result whilst allowing for maximum cargo space without compromising strength. Included in each kit is a matching set of four fully adjustable Roof Rack Couplings to suit both single and dual skin canopy & cap rooflines. Designed to eliminate stress and thermocycling fractures to the canopy or cap, these unique couplings align directly under the mounting point of the roof rack area, providing additional support to the load above. The heavy-duty uprights are connected to the tub body by four fully adjustable Sure-Grip clamps and Precision Bed Rail Attachment assemblies. With rotational adjustment to suit most canopies or caps, these mounts also provide an additional clamping effect on the canopy or cap to the bed rail – perfect for also reducing water and dust ingress between the two parts.

Fully detailed printed fitting instructions complete with fastener torque settings and fitment tips and tricks are included in every LoadMax® kit. In addition, our downloadable video fitting instructions are designed to assist you with confident, rapid DIY installation.

LoadMax Clamp Dimensions



May not suit some Vehicles, Caps & Canopy Brands or Style combinations:

Due to the universal design of the LoadMax® internal roof rack support system against the myriad of vehicle body tubs/trays and the wide array of canopy & cap combinations available, a compromise of some tub/tray or canopy/cap function may be required to achieve proper fitment. It is ESSENTIAL that you familiarise yourself with the detailed, dimensioned product images below in order to determine product suitability for your vehicle & canopy/cap and roof rack combination. Please ensure that the sizes & dimensions of the LoadMax® suit your specific application PRIOR TO PURCHASE. Milford cannot provide refunds for sizing or vehicle, canopy, cap or roof rack incompatibility issues.

We always recommend locating the Roof Rack Couplings to the horizontal area of the canopy/cap roofline (never on the corner radii). In instances where the Sure Grip Clamps mounting possibility is constrained, the Heavy Duty Uprights may cover some of the canopy/cap side window area. The tested capacity of the LoadMax® substantially exceeds the maximum capability of the body tub and the safe operating limits of your vehicle. Contact your vehicle manufacturer for the maximum body tub load. We recommend that you never exceed either the maximum tub load or the safe operating roof load; statically or dynamically and as identified by the vehicle and the canopy/cap manufacturer.

Not suitable for J Deck Style Ute Tubs.






Sure Grip Clamps
Allows for full height  adjustability
Enables articulation to suit all roof profiles
Provides maximum clamping effect

Unique Roof Rack Couplings

Unique Roof Rack Couplings
Adjusts to all roof profiles
Integrates with single and dual skin canopies
Eliminates stress and thermocycling fractures to canopy
Delivers maximum load rating

Precision Bed Rail Attachment

Precision Bed Rail Attachment
Provides additional canopy clamping effect
Delivers maximum load rating

Heavy Duty Uprights

Heavy Duty Uprights
Large diameter 38mm tubular steel construction
Multiple bend radii maximises cargo space
Form fitting poly cap ends

Infinite Articulation

Infinite Articulation
Full rotational adjustability allows LoadMax® to adjust to all canopy profiles


Angle Dimensions

Height Dimensions



Universal Roof Rack Application

Each Kit Comes Complete With 4 x Heavy Duty Uprights, Clamps and Couplings.

Eliminates Canopy Damage


Maximum Load Rating

Rapid DIY Fitment

Covered by Milford's Lifetime Warranty*

*Terms and Conditions Apply