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AutoShift in Vehicle



A complementary addition to a Milford Cargo Barrier, AutoShift® allows for hands free support during the installation and manouvering of the barrier between positions. AutoShift® also acts as a stabiliser, minimising sideways movement, thus removing the need for additional support arms and hardware. Each AutoShift® Kit is designed and tested for every vehicle application.

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the patented design holds national & international registrations and like all Milford products, has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it provides the ultimate in safety and convenience. Unrestrained loads can result in death and injury.

Loads do not need to be large to be hazardous as rapid deceleration can increase effective mass of an object by up to 20 times its actual weight. This means that a suitcase weighing 20kg, hard up against a seat, can strike with the force of a large motorcycle! A Milford Cargo Barrier is the most effective way to protect occupants from these dangers and have proven to save lives over and over again. Each and every Milford Cargo Barrier is tested and rated to the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4034.1, which is considered to be the most stringent load restraint Standard worldwide.







AutoShift allows for hands free support during installation and manoeuvring between position by supporting the Cargo Barrier upright and without any further support - freeing up the user to more conveniently secure the barrier into place.

The support arms unique to AutoShift also enable an easy slide re-positioning of the Cargo Barrier between the first and second row seats. Importantly, it also helps elevate and tilt the Cargo Barrier over the folded second row seat backs when transitioning into the upright position behind the first row seats; allowing for a smooth and ergonomically friendly relocation.

When installed in the front position, AutoShift also acts as a stabilising device - minimising sideways movement and removing the need for additional support mounts, arms or hardware.



Allows For Hands Free Support

Enables Easy Operation of the Hand Operable Milbolts

Easy Slide Manual Re-Positioning

Elevates and Tilt Assists When Positioning Barrier Behind First Row Seats


Prevents Sideways Movement in the Front Position

Tailored to Each Make and Model Vehicle Application

Covered by Milford's Lifetime Warranty*

*Terms and Conditions Apply

Easy Installation