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Wiring Harness FAQ's

Wiring Harness FAQ's main image Wiring Harness FAQ's image

A vehicle specific wiring harness kit is mandatory on all CANbus equipped vehicles. Many modern vehicles also require amplification of the light signal to ensure correct operation so we also advise that wherever a kit is listed as being "Electronic" then it should be used without question. We also recommend that this type of kit is always used to ensure that installation is as straightforward as possible and most importantly, in order that all OE vehicle functions perform correctly as designed. Every vehicle specific wiring harness kit is designed so as to not compromise your vehicle’s electrical system - the wire diameters and signal outputs are carefully calculated to power your caravan or trailer lights without overloading or harming your vehicle’s electrical system. Every Milford ECS wiring harness kit also comes packaged with our legendary lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind - see warranty page for full information and conditions.

In certain instances it may be possible to utilise a generic wiring harness kit however unlike our vehicle specific range of kits they do not utilise the OE connection and as a result will require a greater level of technical expertise to ensure correct fitment. Unlike many universal type kits the C2 and PDC functions are still able to be utilised with this type of kit but the wiring will need to be customised to suit the specific application. We recommend that you contact your nearest Milford towbar specialist or Milford direct for specific application advice.

Yes they will but they will require specialist configuration to ensure correct operation. Contact your nearest Milford towbar specialist or Milford direct for specific application advice.

Yes all of our Wiring Harness kits feature plug and play connectivity with the MF-005-ZZM Live Wire Extension / Auxiliary Wiring Harness kit.

This kit includes 1 x permanently activated live wire & 2 x ignition activated live wires.

Yes, this kit includes 2 inbuilt relays to provide total battery isolation so that when the ignition is turned off so is the power to the socket. (2 live wires only)

Yes you will need to purchase a 12 pin flat socket tail harness kit. They come in a variety of lengths dependant on the vehicle requirement. To be sure, simply measure the length of the regular 7 pin flat socket tail that comes prepackaged with every wiring harness kit.

Yes you can but it will require some technical skill to install as it won't be the simple plug n play type installation that comes with every Milford ECS Wiring Harness kit.

A Controller Area Network Bus (CANbus) is a common pathway which allows different vehicle components to communicate with each other. Employing unique signal identifiers, it allows all the vehicles operating systems to communicate (passive safety systems, traction control, engine performance , driver assist technologies etc) and when towing, the vehicles is automatically notified that a trailer has been connected and adjusts the vehicles electronic systems to suit (eg. TSP, Anti-sway, transmission). CANbus is a perimeter wiring system designed to efficiently connect the increasing number of electrical components operating within a modern motor vehicle. More and more, CANbus is becoming the default vehicle electronic base platform. CANbus systems operate on low voltage power and in so doing, cut down substantially on the amount of wiring involved. This efficient use of materials also helps reduce the vehicle mass and improve fuel economy. CANbus is the automotive future and when required, Milford / ECS CANbus compliant towbar wiring harnesses are supplied pre-coded and in the box.

With occupant safety at the forefront of Milford's core philosophy (not to mention the increasing legal penalties with non-compliance) it's more important than ever to ensure all vehicles are fit for the road. In recognising this, many modern vehicles are now coming standard with Failure Mode and/or C2 electronic warning systems. These notify the driver via either a dash light or audible alarm that there is a malfunction with their brake or indicator lights (commonly, this is caused by a simple failed globe). Failure Mode monitors the brake light function while C2 monitors the indicator's operation. To complement this feature, the vast majority of Milford / ECS towbar wiring kits include a Failure Mode and C2 module which enables the trailer's lights to also be monitored. Milford towbar wiring kits also include an audible notification alarm used when the vehicle itself doesn't feature one. To determine if the vehicle in question features these modes, consider the following steps; 1. Disconnect a brake light or indicator light 2. Start the engine 3. Depress the brake or switch on the indicator (depending on what you disconnected) 4. Activate several other lights such as headlights and reverse lights 5. If no alarm sounds, check the dashboard for any warning lights

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