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Milford’s Cargo Barriers Save Lives

Author: Milford   Date Posted:1 August 2018 

Milford’s Cargo Barriers Save Lives  main image Milford’s Cargo Barriers Save Lives  image

When loaded in the rear of the vehicle, everyday 4x4 items such as eskies, tents and luggage can potentially cause significant damage if the vehicle is involved in sudden braking, an accident or a roll over.

Loads do not need to be large and heavy to be hazardous as rapid deceleration can increase the effective mass of an object by up to 20 times its actual weight. This means that a suitcase weighing 23kg, packed hard up against the seat, can strike with the force of a large motorcycle.

A Milford Cargo Barrier is the most effective way to protect occupants from these dangers and have proven to save lives over and over again. Dividing the passenger and cargo areas of a vehicle, Milford’s Cargo Barriers, shields occupants from unrestrained items and absorbs the impact of loose items.

Ben was involved in a serious accident West of Mildura in early October, he says "I was traveling back from Eldee Station near Broken Hill ... I passed a road train head on, and the pillow of air pulled me into the second trailer - ripping off the roof at the A-pillar and peeling it back from there. The Milford Cargo barrier helped save my life – it stayed in place and made sure my swag, maxtrax, and tool box stayed put ... Looking back at the pictures makes me realize how bad it could have been" 

Each and every Milford Cargo Barrier is a vehicle specific solution; tested and rated to the Australian/New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 4034.1, which is considered to be the most stringent restraint standard worldwide.

Featuring superior strength reinforcements, a heavy duty mesh construction and patented load absorption mounting straps, Milford’s Cargo Barriers are available in both single and dual position and are securely held in place using Milford’s hand operated Milbolts. All Milford Cargo Barriers are covered by an industry leading Lifetime Warranty

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