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Weight Distribution Hitches

With and Without Weight Distribution

Ultra Load Management 

Superior Design
HiLoad / Max Lift design promotes full weight distribution
Parallel Mounted, the straight bar design results in maximum clearance and ‘Hassle Free’ reversing
Rapid adjustment with super safe, easy to lock chain lift brackets and soft grip handle.
Standard fit grease nipples to ensure quiet operation and reduced noise.
Comes fully assembled for rapid mount installation.
Australian Standard 50mm 3500KG Towball included (600lb & 800lb).
Rugged Powder Coat Finish
Covered by Milford’s Lifetime Warranty*
 *T&C’s Apply








Towing heavy trailers and caravans can place undue pressure on a vehicle, particularly on the rear axle. If the weight is not properly distributed the rear of the car tends to sag, resulting in the front wheels losing contact with the road. This loss in contact decreases steering control and breaking ability, significantly impacting safety. The added stress also causes undue wear and tear on tyres, increases fuel consumption, misaligns headlights and can cause trailers to sway – further impacting a vehicle’s performance and safety.Installing a Weight Distribution Hitch provides support, helping to redistribute the weight more evenly across the vehicle and trailer axles. 

The Milford Ultra Load Weight Distribution Hitch is designed and manufactured to alleviate the stress on the rear of the vehicle, resulting in a far safer towing experience. With built in features to ensure full weight distribution, hassle free reversing and quiet operation paired with a rugged and stylish powder coated finish the Milford Weight Distribution Hitch is the ultimate in correct load management.When choosing a Weight Distribution Hitch it is important to match the weight category of the hitch to your towing needs. If the weight category is too low the hitch will apply inadequate force, which results in insufficient levelling. 

Conversely, if the weight category greatly exceeds your requirements, the over rated system will apply too much load to the vehicle.Milford now offer Weight Distribution Hitches in three different weight categories, so you will always find the perfect solution. The lightest option suits Medium Duty applications up to 270 kg (600lb). If you require a higher weight category our Heavy Duty hitch is suitable for loads up to 360kg (800lb). Finally, for very heavy loads we have developed a new, Super Heavy Duty hitch, which is rated up to 545 kg (1200lbs). 


Part #



Ult1Mate Weight Distribution Hitch 270kg/600lb Upgraded Round Bar Style (Requires Additional Shank - Options Listed Below)


Ult1Mate Weight Distribution Hitch 360kg/800lb Upgraded Round Bar Style (Requires Additional Shank - Options Listed Below)


Ult1Mate Weight Distribution Hitch 544kg/1200lb Round Bar with Adjustable Head


Replacement Shank

Part Number - 778620

Description Replacement Shank
SKU 778620

Standard Height


Replacement Shank

Part Number - 778621

Description Replacement Shank
SKU 778621

40mm Drop


Replacement Shank

Part Number - 778624

Description Replacement Shank
SKU 778624

50mm Drop


Replacement Shank

Part Number - 778626

Description Replacement Shank
SKU 778626

100mm Drop


Replacement Shank

Part Number - 778628

Description Replacement Shank
SKU 778628

150mm Drop


Replacement Shank

Part Number - 778635

Description Replacement Shank
SKU 778635

14" / 355mm Long Standard Height


Weight Distribution Hitch 270kg/600lb

Part Number - 909960

Description Weight Distribution Hitch 270kg/600lb
SKU 909960

Replacement shank option required to complete this kit.


Weight Distribution Hitch 362kg/800lb

Part Number - 909980

Description Weight Distribution Hitch 362kg/800lb
SKU 909980

Replacement shank option required to complete this kit.