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Weight Distribution Hitch 544kg/1200lb

Weight Distribution Hitch 544kg/1200lb main image Weight Distribution Hitch 544kg/1200lb image

trailer being towed by SUV using Milford weight distribution hitch

Towing heavy trailers and caravans can place undue pressure on a vehicle, particularly on the rear axle. If the weight is not properly distributed the rear of the car tends to sag, resulting in the front wheels losing contact with the road. This loss in contact decreases steering control and braking ability, significantly impacting safety. The added stress also causes undue wear and tear on tyres, increases fuel consumption, misaligns headlights and can cause trailers to sway – further impacting a vehicle’s performance and safety. Installing a Weight Distribution Hitch provides support, helping to redistribute the weight more evenly across the vehicle and trailer axles.

Milford now offer Weight Distribution Hitches in three different weight categories, so you will always find the perfect solution. The lightest option suits Medium Duty applications up to 270 kg (600lb). If you require a higher weight category our Heavy Duty hitch is suitable for loads up to 360kg (800lb). Finally, for very heavy loads we have developed a new, Super Heavy Duty hitch, which is rated up to 545 kg (1200lbs).

Part # Description
909960 Ult1Mate Weight Distribution Hitch 270kg/600lb Upgraded Round Bar Style (Requires Additional Shank - Options Listed Below)
909980 Ult1Mate Weight Distribution Hitch 360kg/800lb Upgraded Round Bar Style (Requires Additional Shank - Options Listed Below)
909929 Ult1Mate Weight Distribution Hitch 544kg/1200lb Round Bar with Adjustable Head (Requires Additional Shank - Options Listed Below)